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The comments below were taken directly from evaluation forms filled
out by our students.  They represent a small portion of the compliments
our programs receive. (Close this box to exit.)



"Very good course and very informative.  I can take what was learned and
apply it right away at work."

"Hands-on use of own equipment; Time taken to become familiar with
equipment; Practical exercises were very helpful."

"The hands-on classroom exercises were great!"

"Instructor explained technical terms so they were easily understood."

"The report examples given in our binders are great.  They especially
helped me when I first started as an ET as my department did not
give me much assistance."

"Outstanding handout materials.  Having a very complete/thorough book
is great so we can refer back to it.  The color photos of the blood diagrams
are outstanding.  The CD and the forms are great."

"Instructor is very knowledgeable and took time  to work with each student."












"Kept the interest of the investigators.  Up to date and informative."

"Overall great course.  Well balanced with handout materials, classroom
instruction, demonstrations and hands-on application of processes being

"Instructor seemed to enjoy his profession and portrayed that as well."

"The instructor has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge
and knows how to teach adult learners.  He is very professional and the
course manual is excellently presented."

"Getting your photographs back in class was very helpful.  I was able to
see where I was having problems."

"Very well put together course all the way around.  The best evidence
related class I have attended yet."

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