If you are a former Imprimus student we will consider images that you may like to have added to our portfolio. Images can be from an Imprimus workshop or from the field.

If you are submitting an image taken in the field, you must provide to us, in writing, permission from your agency to submit the image.

Images of evidence items such as fingerprints, tool marks, bite marks, footwear impressions, etc., are preferred. We will not accept images that show a person's face.

Images will only be accepted if they display proper forensic photography technique.

Images must be submitted in a digital format either as an original digital image or a high quality scan of a film image.

Please send all images on a CD or DVD along with your and/or your agency's written permission to use the image to Imprimus Forensic Services, LLC - POB 1532 - Arlington Heights, IL 60006

The final determination of image acceptance will be at the sole discretion of the Imprimus staff.

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