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Crime Scene and Evidence Photography Courses

We offer serveral types of specialized crime scene and forensic evidence photography training programs. All sessions are designed and run as hands-on workshops. One unique feature of these programs is that we print and return all photos to the students so they can be evaluated and critiqued in class.

If you would like to see some examples of our student's photography work, stop by our Student Portfolio Page.

Photography / Introduction - Know Your Camera

1 Day Program

This session is geared toward individuals having either no or very limited experience with 35mm photography. An in-depth orientation provides the student with hands on training utilizing the client agency's photographic equipment. Once completed, the student will have a thorough understanding of basic photographic principles as well as a good working knowledge of the camera equipment that the student will be working on a day to day basis.

Photography / Basic Evidence & Crime Scene

3 Day Program

All photography sessions are developed for the client based on the photography equipment that the client uses on a day to day basis. Basic Evidence & Crime Scene Photography presents detailed instruction in fundamental photographic principles and exposure to useful photographic accessories. Students are introduced to the approach and basic techniques used in documenting incident scenes. They complete a series of photographic exercises, and once developed, their finished work will be individually evaluated with additional time taken to help the student correct any deficiencies.

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Photography / Advanced Evidence & Crime Scene

3 Day Program

This program takes the student beyond the techniques learned in the basic workshop. Topics covered include macro and close-up photography; oblique lighting techniques; multiple flash photography and photographic filter usage. Specialized shooting situations such as time exposure, multiple flash photos, bloodstain pattern documentation and panoramic photography are covered in this program. The photographic work of each student is evaluated on an individual basis.

Completion of Basic Evidence & Crime Scene Photography is required for enrollment in this advanced program.

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Photography / Film to Digital Transition

1 Day Program

This is an excellent program for agencies that are making the move from film to digital cameras. The program is custom tailored for the new cameras that you will be using. The material covered includes operation of the new cameras, technical differences between film and digital, standard operating procedures as well as a review of basic photo techniques. Like all of our programs, it includes practical shooting exercises.

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Photography / SANE Training

1 Day Program

We can provide photo training to meet the requirements of SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) and forensic nursing training guidelines. Services available run from classroom lecture to hands-on use of photo equipment - typically determined by your SANE training model.

If you have already completed a forensic nursing or SANE program and are interested in further enhancing your photography skills, consider our Basic Evidence & Crime Scene Photography Workshop.

If you are an administrator of a SANE or other forensic nursing program, please call us for more information.

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P.O. Box 1532 Arlington Heights, IL 60006 | Phone: 847.804.8420 | Fax: 847.439.7442

Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board Provider #5000-56

U.S. Government Registered Contractor DUNS# 090683520

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