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Welcome to Our Filing Cabinet!

Here you will find forms and other documents useful for criminal and other investigations. They may be downloaded and printed from your computer by clicking on the links in the filing cabinet. Individual files can also be copied and stored on your system. 

These forms, including forms copyrighted by Imprimus Forensic Services LLC, may be copied and distributed for  law enforcement purposes only.  Forms that are copyrighted by Imprimus Forensic Services LLC may not be used on any other web site.

The files on this page must be viewed with Adobe® Acrobat® Reader.  Acrobat® Reader is available free directly from the Adobe® web site.

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Files Coming Soon!

Case Management

Case Management Log

Lead Assignment Sheet Log & Instructions

Lead Sheet , Log & Instructions

Case Law

Case Law - Luminol - Illinois v Cumbee - No Frye Hearing NeededLuminol Case Law

Consent Forms

Consent to Collect Biological StandardsPreview

Consent to Search & Seize (Home-Auto)Preview

Consent to Search Fire Scene - Cause & OriginPreview

Line-Up Waiver & ConsentPreview

Medical Records Release

Evidence Processing

A Comparison of Physical Developer Formulas

The Forensic Luminol Test for Blood - Unwanted Interference and the Effect On Subsequent AnalysisPreview

FBI Forms/Publications

FBI - DHS Cyanide Production Indicators Reference AidPreview

FBI Forensic Services Handbook1

FBI Latent Print Development Guide1

FBI Serial Murder: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives for Investigators (2008)1

FBI Shoeprint Exam Request1

Field Sketch Forms

Field Sketch Grid - 8.5 X 11Preview

Field Sketch Grid - 8.5 X 14Preview

Field Sketch Grid - 11 X 17Preview

Isometric Grid 8.5 x 11 - Portrait

Isometric Grid 8.5 x 11 - LandscapePreview

Isometric Grid 8.4 x 14 - Portrait

Isometric Grid 8.5 x 14 - Landscape

Isometric Grid 11 x 17 - Portrait

Isometric Grid 11 x 17 - Landscape

Measurement Reference TablePreview

White Paper - Criminal Justice Graphics1

Firearm Exam Forms

Revolver - Heavy Barrel (6 Shot)1

Revolver - Snub Nose (6 Shot)4

Revolver Cylinder (5 Shot)2

Revolver Cylinder (6 Shot)3

Revolver Cylinder (7 Shot)Preview

Revolver Cylinder (8 Shot)Preview

Semi-Auto .22 cal Style5

Semi-Auto Beretta Style6

Semi-Auto Medium Frame7

Semi-Auto Sig Style8

Shotgun - Pump Action9

Homicide Investigations

BJA - 10 Things Law Enforcement Executives Can Do To Positively Impact Homicide Investigations

BJA - Homicide Process Mapping8

Log Sheets

Crime Scene Log Sheet

Incident \ Crime Scene Log (2)6

Neighborhood Canvass Sheet

Photo Log SheetPreview

Vehicle Canvass Sheet6

Other Evidence Forms

Illinois State Police Evidence Packaging Guidelines6

Photo ID Card1

Stolen Property Report6

Vehicle Exam - Tire Track6

Wisconsin Department of Justice Identification Manual6

NIJ Publications

Bombing & Explosion Guide3

Cold Cases: Strategies Explored at NIJ Regional Trainings1

Crime Scene Handbook1

Death Investigations1

Debating DNA Collection [11-2009]Luminol Case Law

Digital Evidence in the Courtroom1

DNA Identification in Mass Fatality Incidents1

DNA in Minor Crimes1

Education & Training In Forensic Science: A Guide for Forensic Science Labs, Educational Institutions and Students3

Electronic Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for First Responders - 2nd Edition1

Eyewitness Evidence1

Fingerprint Sourcebook

The Fingerprint Sourcebook is now complete.

Fire & Arson Scene EvidenceArson and Fire Scene Evidence

Flammable Liquid Spill & Burn PatternsNIJ Publication Fire Investigation

Increasing Efficiency in Crime LabsNIJ Crime Lab Efficiency

Increasing Sexual Assault Prosecution Rates [11-2009]NIJ Sexual Assault Prosecution Rates

Investigations Involving the Internet and Computer Networks1

Investigative Uses of Technology: Devices, Tools and Techniques1

Mass Fatality Incidents: A Guide for Human Forensic Identification1

National Conference on Science and the Law1

Post Conviction DNA Testing and Wrongful Conviction1s

SANE Program Evaluation Toolkit - NIJ 2013Preview

The "CSI" Effect: Does it really exist?3

Unrealized Potential of DNA Testing1

Using DNA to Solve Cold Cases1


P.O. Box 1532 Arlington Heights, IL 60006 | Phone: 847.804.8420 | Fax: 847.439.7442

Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board Provider #5000-56

U.S. Government Registered Contractor DUNS# 090683520

E-Mail: ifs@imprimus.net

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