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DNA Evidence & Analysis

Forensic BookA Litigator's Guide to DNA
by Ron C. Michaelis, Robert G. Flanders and Paula Wulff
Forensic BookAn Introduction to Forensic DNA Analysis (2nd Edition)
by Norah Rudin and Keith Inman
Forensic BookAn Introduction to Forensic Genetics
by William Goodwin, Adrian Linacre and Sibte Hadi
Forensic BookAncient DNA Typing
by Susanne Hummel
Forensic BookBasics of DNA & Evidentiary Issues
by Krishan Vii and Biswas
Forensic BookBlood and DNA Evidence (Young Reader)
by Kenneth G. Rainis
Forensic BookDealing With DNA Evidence: A Legal Guide
by An Semikhodskii
Forensic BookDNA
by Kobilinsky, Lioti, Oeser-Sweat, Watson and Witkowki
Forensic BookDNA Evidence: Point / Counterpoint
by Alan Marzilli
Forensic BookDNA Fingerprinting in Plants
by Weising, Nybom, Wolff and Kahl
Forensic BookEncyclopedia of DNA and the United States Criminal Justice System
by Louis J. Palmer Jr.
Forensic BookForensic DNA Analysis
by J. Thomas McClintock
Forensic BookForensic DNA Analysis
by Louis Levine, Henrietta Margolis-Nunno and Lawrence Koblinsky
Forensic BookForensic DNA Evidence Interpretation
by John S. Buckleton, Christopher M. Triggs and Simon J. Walsh
Forensic BookForensic DNA Technology
by Mark A. Farley and James J. Harrington
Forensic BookForensic DNA Typing
by John M. Butler
Forensic BookForensic DNA Typing (2nd Edition)
by John M. Butler
Forensic BookForensic DNA Typing Protocols
by Angel Carracedo
Forensic BookGenetic Policing: The Use of DNA in Criminal Investigations
by Paul Johnson and Robin Williams
Forensic BookGenetic Witness: Science, Law and Controversy in the Making of DNA Profiling
by Jay D. Aronson
Forensic BookGenetics and DNA Technology: Legal Aspects (2nd Edition)
by Wilson Wall
Forensic BookInterpreting DNA Evidence: Statistical Genetics for Forensic Scientists
by Ian W. Evett and Bruce S. Weir
Forensic BookMicrosatellites
by David B. Goldstein and Christian Schlotterer
Forensic BookNonhuman DNA Typing: Theory and Casework Applications
by Heather Miller Coyle
Forensic BookStatistical DNA Forensics
by Wing Kam Fung and Yue-Qing Hu
Forensic BookThe Evaluation of Forensic DNA Evidence
by Committee on DNA Forensic Science
Forensic BookTrends in DNA Fingerprinting Research
by M. M. Read
Forensic BookWeight of Evidence for Forensic DNA Profiles
by David J. Balding