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Bomb & Fire Investigations


Forensic BookA Law Enforcement and Security Officer's Guide to Responding to Bomb Threats
by Jim Smith
Forensic BookAn Introduction to Fire Dynamics (2nd Edition)
by Dougal Drysdale
Forensic BookAnalysis and Interpretation of Fire Scene Evidence (Hardcover)
by Jose R. Almirall and Kenneth G. Furton
Forensic BookAnalysis and Interpretation of Fire Scene Evidence (Kindle Edition)
by Kenneth G. Furton
Forensic BookArchitectural Graphic Standards
The American Institute of Architects
Forensic BookArson Investigation
by Thomas J. Bouguard
Forensic BookATF Arson Investigative Guide
Forensic BookAutomotive Fire Analysis: An Engineering Approach
by Gregory J. Barnett
Forensic BookBlack and Smokeless Powders: Technologies for Finding Bombs and the Bomb Makers
by Committee on Smokeless and Black Power
Forensic BookBlaze
by Nicholas Faith
Forensic BookBrannigans' Building Construction for the Fire Service
by Francis L. Brannigan and Glenn B. Corbett
Forensic BookBuilding Fire Performance Analysis
by Robert W. Fitzgerald
Forensic BookCombating Arson for Profit
by David J. Icove, Vernon B. Wherry and J. David Schroeder
Forensic BookCombustible Dusts
by CSB Hazard Investigation Team
Forensic BookCounterterrorist Detection Techniques of Explosives
by Jehuda Yinon
Forensic BookCrime Scene Investigations - Bombings
by Gail Stewart
Forensic BookDrawn to the Flame: Assessment and Treatment of Juvenile Firesetting Behavior
by Robert F. Stadolnik
Forensic BookElectrical Fire Analysis
by Robert A. Yereance
Forensic BookElectrical Fires and Failures
by A. A. Hattangadi
Forensic BookEnclosure Fire Dynamics
by Bjorn Karlsson and James Quintiere
Forensic BookExplosions in the Process Industries
by Harry Philips
Forensic BookExplosives and Chemical Weapons Identification
by James B. Crippin
Forensic BookFire and Explosion Hazards Handbook of Industrial Chemicals
by Tatyana A. Davletshina and Nicholas P. Chermisinoff
Forensic BookFire and Vegetation Dynamics
by Edward A. Johnson
Forensic BookFire Debris Analysis
by Eric Stauffer, Julia A. Dolan and Reta Newman
Forensic BookFiresetting Children: Risk Assessment and Treatment
by George A. Sakheim and Elizabeth Osborn
Forensic BookFlammable and Combustible Liquid Spill/Burn Patterns
by Anthony D. Putorti Jr. and David G. Boyd
Forensic BookFlammable and Combustible Liquids Code Handbook
by NFPA - Robert P. Benedetti
Forensic BookForensic and Environmental Detection of Explosives
by Jehuda Yinon
Forensic BookForensic Fire Scene Reconstruction (2nd Edition)
by David J. Icove and John D. De Haan
Forensic BookForensic Investigation of Clandestine Labs
by Donnell R. Christian
Forensic BookForensic Investigation of Explosions
by Alexander Beveridge
Forensic BookFundamentals of Fire Phenomena
by James G. Quintiere
Forensic BookGC-MS Guide to Ignitable Liquids
by Reta Newman, Michael W. Gilbert and K. Lothridg
Forensic BookHandbook on Firesetting in Children and Youth
by David J. Kolko
Forensic BookHot Zone Forensics: Chemical, Biological and Radiological Evidence Collection
by Steven C. Drielak
Forensic BookKirk's Fire Investigation (4th Edition)
by John D. De Haan ad Paul L. Kirk
Forensic BookModern Methods and Application in Analysis of Explosives
by Jehuda Yinon and Shmuel Zitrin
Forensic BookNFPA 921: Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations
Forensic BookNFPA Dictionary of Fire Service Terms
Forensic BookPipe and Fire Bomb Designs
by Lee Scott
Forensic BookPractical Bomb Scene Investigation
by James T. Thurman
Forensic BookPractical Fire and Arson Investigation
by David R. Redsicker and John O'Connor
Forensic BookPsychology of Child Firesetting: Detection and Intervention
by Jessica Gaynor and Chris Hatcher
Forensic BookScientific Protocols for Fire Investigation
by John J. Lentini
Forensic BookThe Anarchist Cookbook
by William Powell
Forensic BookUnderstanding the Arsonist
by Dian L. Williams
Forensic BookUser's Manual for NFPA 921: Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations (2nd Edition)