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Forensic BookASTM Volume 03.06 Molecular Spectroscopy Surface Analysis 2005
ASTM International
Forensic BookAtlas of Human Hair
by J. Robert Ogle and Michelle J. Fox
Forensic BookBasic Methods in Microscopy
by David L. Spector and Robert D. Goldman
Forensic BookColor Atlas and Manual of Microscopy for Criminalists
by Nicholas Petraco and Thomas Kubic
Forensic BookElectron Microscopy
by John Kuo
Forensic BookHandbook of Biological Confocal Microscopy
by James B. Pawley
Forensic BookMicroscopic Diagnosis in Forensic Pathology
by Joshua A. Perper
Forensic BookMicroscopic X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis
by Janssens, Adams and Rindby
Forensic BookPigment Compendium: Optical Microscopy of Historical Pigments
by Eastaugh, Walsh, Chaplin and Siddall
Forensic BookPractical Forensic Microscopy
by Barbara Wheeler and Lori J. Wilson
Forensic BookScanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Microanalysis
by Goldstein, Newbury, Joy, Lyman, Echlin, Lifshin, Sawyer and Michael
Forensic BookTransmission Electron Microscopy
by David B. Williams and Barry Carter