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Crash Investigations

Forensic BookAccident Investigation Training Manual
by Arnold Wheat
Forensic BookBasic Collision Investigation and Scene Documentation
by David A. Casteel and Steven D. Moss
Forensic BookBasic Physics: Notes for Traffic Crash Investigators …
by R. W. Rivers
Forensic BookBasic Vehicle Motion Analysis (Book & CD ROM)
by David N. Dresser
Forensic BookBicycle Accident Reconstruction for the Forensic Engineer
by James M. Green and Janet Green
Forensic BookBicycle Accidents
by Jeffrey P. Broker and Paul F. Hill
Forensic BookBus and Recreational Vehicle Accidents
by Roy Scott Hickman and Paul F. Hill
Forensic BookEmergency Vehicle Accidents
by Stephen S. Solomon and Paul F. Hill
Forensic BookEngineering Analysis of Vehicular Accidents
by Randall K. Noon
Forensic BookEquations and Formulas for the Traffic Accident Investigator
by Gregory Russell
Forensic BookEvidence in Traffic Crash Investigation and Reconstruction
by R. W. Rivers
Forensic BookEyewitness Reliability in Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction
by Patrick J. Robins
Forensic BookForensic Aspects of Driver Perception and Response (2nd Edition)
by Paul L. Olson and Eugene Farber
Forensic BookForensic Aspects of Vision and Highway Safety
by Allen, Abrams, Ginsburg and Weintraub
Forensic BookForensic Engineering and Reconstruction of Accidents
by John Fiske Brown, Kenneth Obenski and Thomas R. Osborn
Forensic BookForensic Medical Investigation of Motor Vehicle Incidents
by Dr. Michael P. Burke
Forensic BookHuman Factors in Traffic Safety (2nd Edition)
by Dewar, Olson, Alexander, Caird and Green
Forensic BookInvestigation of Road Traffic Fatalities
by Jay Dix
Forensic BookLow-Speed Automobile Accidents
by Alan J. Watts
Forensic BookMotor Vehicle Collision Injuries (2nd Edition)
by Lawrence Nordhoff
Forensic BookMotorcycle Accident Reconstruction and Litigation
by Obenski, Hill, Shapiro and Debes
Forensic BookSecrets of an Expert: In Traffic Engineering & Safety …
by Archie Burnham Jr.
Forensic BookTechnical Traffic Accident Investigator's Handbook
by R. W. Rivers
Forensic BookThe Psychology of Driving
by Graham J. Hole
Forensic BookTire Failures and Evidence Manual
by R. W. Rivers
Forensic BookTraffic Accident Investigation and Physical Evidence
by Donna R. McGrew
Forensic BookTraffic Accident Investigators' and Reconstructionists' Field Measurements …
by R. W. Rivers
Forensic BookTraffic Accident Investigators' Lamp Analysis Manual
by R. W. Rivers and Frederick G. Hochgraf
Forensic BookTraffic Accident Investigator's Manual (2nd Edition)
by R. W. Rivers
Forensic BookTraffic Management and Collision Investigation
by Clark
Forensic BookTrauma Biomechanics
by Schmitt, Niederer, Muser and Walz
Forensic BookTruck Accident Litigation (2nd Edition)
by Laura R. Genson
Forensic BookVehicle Crash Mechanics
by Matthew Huang
Forensic BookVehicular Accident Investigation and Reconstruction
by Donald J. Van Kirk