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Expert Witness / Courtroom Testimony


Forensic BookA Guide to Forensic Testimony
by Fred Chris Smith and Rebecca Gurley Bace
Forensic BookA Litigator's Guide to DNA
by Ron C. Michaelis, Robert G. Flanders and Paula Wulff
Forensic BookA Litigator's Guide to Expert Witnesses
by Cecil Kuhne
Forensic BookApplying Statistics in the Courtroom
by Phillip I. Good
Forensic BookA-Z Guide to Expert Witnessing
by Steven Babitsky, James J. Mangraviti and Alex Babitsky
Forensic BookClinicians in Court
by Allan E. Barsky, Jonathan W. Gould and Allan Barsky
Forensic BookCoping With Cross-Examination and Other Pathways to Effective Testimony
by Stanley L. Brodsky
Forensic BookCourtroom Testimony for the Fingerprint Expert
by Gary W. Jones
Forensic BookDepositions
by Steven Babitsky
Forensic BookDictionary of Ethical and Legal Terms and Issues
by Len Sperry
Forensic BookEffective Expert Witnessing (4th Edition)
by Jack V. Matson
Forensic BookExamining Witnesses
by Roger Haydock and John Songsten
Forensic BookExamining Witnesses (2nd Edition)
by Michael E. Tigar
Forensic BookExpert Rules
by David Malone and Paul J. Zwier
Forensic BookExpert Testimony
by Steven Lubet
Forensic BookExpert Witness Handbook: A Guide to Engineers
by D. G. Sunar and Professional Publications, Inc
Forensic BookExpert Witness in Child Abuse Cases
by Stephen J. Ceci and Helene Hembrooke
Forensic BookExpert Witnessing and Scientific Testimony
by Kenneth S. Cohen
Forensic BookExpert Witnessing in Forensic Accounting
by Zeph Telpner and Michael Mostek
Forensic BookExperts in Court
by Bruce Dennis Sales and Daniel W. Shuman
Forensic BookFeder's Succeeding as an Expert Witness (4th Edition)
by Harold A. Feder and Max M. Houck
Forensic BookForensic Ethics and the Expert Witness
by Candilis, Weinstock, Martinez and Szanton
Forensic BookGenetic Witness: Science, Law and Controversy in the Making of DNA Profiling
by Jay D. Aronson
Forensic BookHow to Become a Dangerous Expert Witness
by Steven Babitsky
Forensic BookLaw for the Expert Witness (3rd Edition)
by Daniel A. Bronstein
Forensic BookLaws of Evidence
Thomas Buckles
Forensic BookNational Guide to Expert Witness Fees and Billing Procedures
by Alex Babitsky, Steven Babitsky and James J. Mangraviti
Forensic BookPractical Approaches to Forensic Mental Health Testimony
by Thomas G. Guntheil and Frank D. Dattilio
Forensic BookPreparing and Presenting Expert Testimony in Child Abuse Litigation
by Paul Stern
Forensic BookThe Expert Expert Witness
by Stanley L. Brodsky
Forensic BookThe Expert Witness Handbook (3rd Edition)
by Dan Pointer
Forensic BookThe Medical Record as a Forensic Resource
by Campion Quinn
Forensic BookThe Portable Guide to Testifying in Court for Mental Health Professionals
by Barton E. Bernstein and Thomas L. Hartsell
Forensic BookThe Psychiatrist as Expert Witness
by Thomas G. Gutheil M.D.
Forensic BookThe Spine at Trial: Practical Medicolegal Concepts About the Spine
by Jose Kuri and Ed Stapleton
Forensic BookThe Toxicologist as an Expert Witness
by Arthur Furst
Forensic BookWitness for the Defense
by Elizabeth Loftus and Katherine Ketcham
Forensic BookWriting and Defending Your Expert Report
writing expert report