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Sex Crimes

Forensic BookAttachment and Sexual Offending
by Phil Rich
Forensic BookChild Exploitation Quick Reference
by Sharon Cooper, Nancy D. Kellogg and Angelo P. Giardino
Forensic BookChild Eyewitness Testimony in Sexual Abuse Investigations
by Bruce E. Mapes
Forensic BookChild Pornography
by Ethel Quayle
Forensic BookChild Pornography: Crime, Computers and Society
by Ian O'Donnell and Claire Milner
Forensic BookChild Sexual Abuse
by Pipe, Lamb, Orbach, Cederborg
Forensic BookChild Sexual Exploitation: 2 Volume Set With CD-ROM
by Cooper, Estes, Giardino, Kellogg and Vieth
Forensic BookChildhood Sexual Assault Victims: Long Term Outcomes After Testifying in Criminal Court
by Quas, Goodman, Ghetti, Alexander, Edelstein, Redlich, Cordon and Jones
Forensic BookColor Atlas of Sexual Assault
by Seneski, Whelan, Faugno, Slaughter and Girardin
Forensic BookDrug Facilitated Sexual Assault
by Marc A. LeBeau and Ashraf Mozavani
Forensic BookEvaluating Sex Offenders
by Dennis M. Doren
Forensic BookHandbook of Sexual Assault
by William Lamont Marshall, D.R. Laws and Howard E. Barbaree
Forensic BookInterviewing Children About Sexual Abuse
by Kathleen Coulborn Faller
Forensic BookInvestigating Child Exploitation and Pornography
by Monique Ferraro and Eoghan Casey
Forensic BookJuvenile Sexual Offending
by Gail Ryan and Sandy Lane
Forensic BookMale Rape
by Noreen Abdullah-Khan
Forensic BookMale Victims of Sexual Assault
by William C. Mezey and Michael B. King
Forensic BookPedophilia and Sexual Offending Against Children
by Michael C. Seto
Forensic BookPolicing Sexual Assault
by Jeanne Gregory
Forensic BookPractical Aspects of Rape Investigation
by Robert Hazelwood and Ann Wolbert Burgess
Forensic BookPractical Aspects of Rape Investigation: A Multidisciplinary Approach (4th Edition)
by Robert Hazelwood and Ann Wolbert Burgess
Forensic BookPractical Investigation of Sex Crimes
by Thomas P. Carney
Forensic BookRape Investigation Handbook: A Multidisciplinary Approach (3rd Edition)
By Brent E. Turvey and John Savino
Forensic BookRape Investigation Manual: A Guide to Investigative Procedures, Victim Care and Case Development
by James R. Powers
Forensic BookReporting Sexual Assault: A Social Ecology Perspective
by Kim S. Menard
Forensic BookSex Offenders on the Internet
by Dennis Howitt and Kerry Sheldon
Forensic BookSex-Related Homicide and Death Investigation
by Vernon J. Geberth
Forensic BookSexual Abuse of Children
by Roger J. R. Levesque
Forensic BookSexual Assault
by Giardino, Datner, Asher, Girardin, Faugno and Spencer
Forensic BookSexual Assault on the College Campus: The Role of Male Peer Support
by Martin Schwartz and Walter S. DeKeseredy
Forensic BookSexual Assault Victimization Across the Life Span
by Giardino, Datner, Asher, Girardin, Faugno and Spencer
Forensic BookSexual Deviance: Issues and Controversies
by Tony Ward, D. Richard Laws and Stephen M. Hudson
Forensic BookSexual Homicide: Patterns and Motives
by John E. Douglas, Ann W. Burgess and Robert Ressler
Forensic BookThe Juvenile Sex Offender (2nd Edition)
by Howard E. Barbaree and William L. Marshall
Forensic BookThe Trauma of Sexual Assault
By Jenny Petrak and Barbara Hedge
Forensic BookThe Word of A Woman: Police, Rape and Belief
by Jan Jordan